Important Changes to the Microsoft Donation Program

Microsoft plans changes to the Microsoft program on TechSoup effective April 4, 2022. Some of these changes will impact the current Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechSoup and are worth your close review as you set plans for your nonprofit or library.

We call your attention to the recent blog post from Microsoft's Tech for Social Impact group outlining key areas of defined focus and changes to their nonprofit offers to focus on a Microsoft Cloud first strategy. The changes planned for April 4, 2022 are propelled by Microsoft’s goal of better aligning their philanthropic offers to the comprehensive capabilities and security that the Microsoft Cloud can provide nonprofits.  TechSoup’s partnership with Microsoft has enabled more than 394K organisations globally to access world-class technology solutions, both on-premises and cloud, to better achieve their missions and will continue to prioritize supporting the needs of nonprofits so that they access and utilize the tools they need.

We’ve summarized below the changes that will impact Microsoft's longstanding software donation program on TechSoup. We recognize that the planned changes may influence your IT budgeting and your TechSoup experience. We are here to answer your questions and to help you understand options and resources to help you set or re-set plans.

How will the current Microsoft offers on TechSoup change?

On-premises offers: With a few exceptions noted below, on-premises products will no longer be available to nonprofits as a donation beginning April 4, 2022. On-premises software are stand-alone, perpetual licenses that users install on specific computers and can be used even without an internet connection (i.e. Office Standard). These products will still be available through TechSoup, but only at charitable discount prices. These typically range from a 60-75% discount from commercial pricing. This results in a price increase of about 3-5 times more than current donation program pricing. Exceptions:

  • After April 4, 2022 nonprofits will only have access to Windows 11 Pro as an on-premises licenses as a donation. In those limited countries where Azure is unavailable, Windows Server and SQL Server will also be available as a donation. 
  • After April 4, 2022, on-premises product donations will be available for those organisations that require software for shared-access devices. We understand that many organisations still need device-based access and are delighted to work with Microsoft to offer this new program to the nonprofits we serve. Organisations, such as those operating computer labs, training centers, or providing public-access computers will be able to access specific donation offers to support these scenarios.

Organisations will continue to have access to Microsoft cloud donation offers through TechSoup.* Some donation offers also include the downloadable applications found in on-premises offers. The donations available are detailed below:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium will continue to be free for up to 10 users and includes email, downloadable desktop applications (i.e., Office 365 on-premises), cloud file-storage and sharing, web conferencing with IM, audio, and HD video, and simple device management and advanced security features.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic licenses will continue to be free for up to 300 users and includes email, cloud file storage and sharing, web conferencing with IM, audio, and HD video, and other services.
  • Power Apps Per App plan to build low code and no code custom workflows are available for free for up to 10 seats.
  • Organisations can also leverage up to $3,500 in Azure services yearly directly from Microsoft.

How can TechSoup help you?

Hosting webinars to answer your questions. We will host regular webinars and livestreams to answer any questions you may have in the coming months. Register here to receive notifications of our virtual events. 

Schedule time to talk about your Microsoft Cloud Strategy with us. We are here to help. Book some time with us and we can help answer your questions and provide you with recommendations.

Now is the time to think about your hybrid solution. We understand that these changes may impact your budget and planning, and we want to support you in making the right decisions for your IT needs. If you need more on-premises licensing, consider also adding a donation cloud offer to ensure your team can start saving documents to the cloud and get familiar with using Teams for collaboration. We also have hundreds of other product offers and solutions available to ensure your organisation can be digitally resilient. We are here to help. The following resources can help in understanding what is available and how we can help: 

Build up your team's skills. The TechSoup Microsoft Digital Skills Center, a part of our TechSoup Courses offerings, has already supported over 40 thousand nonprofit learners worldwide with access to training and skills to help adopt new solutions and maximize the value of the existing solutions you have. 

No matter where you are in your tech planning, we are here to support you.