Google for Nonprofits launches in South Africa!

Google for Nonprofits launches in South Africa!
Exciting news! Google has launched Google for Nonprofits in South Africa! As of 01 September 2015, South African nonprofits are now able to join the Google for Nonprofits programme for free access to a number of Google’s paid products, tools and nonprofit services.

These include:

  • Google Ad Grants provides a $10,000 grant for nonprofits to raise awareness and target new audiences online through Google advertising.
  • YouTube for Nonprofits offers premium features for charities to make the most of their YouTube channel.
  • Google Apps provides a range of enterprise tools - from email to Google Docs - that reduce technology costs and encourage collaboration.

Each of these products offers exciting ways for nonprofits to not only promote the work that they do, but also collaborate and work smarter by taking advantage of Google’s online services.

At TechSoup South Africa, we are excited to be able to support the Google for Nonprofits programme by validating South African nonprofit organisations according to a global standard. By working with Google and TechSoup Global, we hope that many charities will be able to benefit from Google’s technology products to be more efficient in their work.

Getting started with Google for Nonprofits in South Africa
To join the Google for Nonprofits programme, apply at the Google for Nonprofits website (if you do not already have a Google account for your organisation, you will need to create one). Once your organisation has passed the validation process, you will be able to access the programme benefits through your organisation’s Google Account.

To help your nonprofit organisation learn more about Google for Nonprofits and how you can benefit from this programme, check out our Google for Nonprofits FAQ Page.